Sunday, 8 January 2012

An Advice: A Guidance or An Order?

     What? You are watching movies during this time? Yeah, spending time on watching movies rather than doing work quite wasting time. Same story line and ending.Predictable. But, how about if we make it become beneficial for us, a chicken soup for thought. Knowledge is wide right. We can obtain it in various way; learning, reading. watching and observing(but most crucial is thinking.)

      "The Nanny Diaries" starring by Scarlett Johansson as Annie really remind me of myself. After she graduating from the high school, she wants to become an anthropology. Well, as usual that will happen, her mom expect her to do finance. Anthropology study human and their culture is neither as famous as a doctor or engineering nor money making job. She go to interview and she stuck on the initial phase. No, the question is not that tough, but surely it is worth to get stunt by answering it. Who are you? How you can tell other , or other will describe you?  That the first theme that I found out. 1. Self recognition . Have you experience of unsure of yourself? Wondering who you should be and why you should do it? That is happened to Annie, she just feel she is not born to finance, but she cannot tell her mom. 

       This might happen to some of us. Doing something because of our parent wish. Yeah, it is good obedient children, but in case we have internal self-conflict, hurry get a medication before we do something self[destruct. I have seen many rebel cases of teenagers end up with social problems. This phase happen when they believe parents just know to give an order rather than guidance. 

       Second theme is parenting sense.It starts when Annie save a boy,Grayer from an accident and she is misunderstanding as a nanny. She has been offered as a nanny for Grayer, the son of wealth couple.  Lies to her mom. she decided to nanny Grayer. For those who unable to put themselves in Grayer's shoes, they think Grayer just a spoil child. Acting rude, yelling and fighting other.But how you expect you will behave, when you have busy parents, who expect you to be smart by learning all of the time without having "life", and you even see your father scandal?  That will not happen in your life? Just take the points out. 

1. Busy parents, leaves child with lack of love
2. Educate children but not educated ourselves first.
3. Shaping their thought, not guiding their thought.

    Stressing the last point, shaping their thought, not guiding their thought. Reflect to our life and culture. Some parents are so directive in their children life; deciding what their children must do for their future.They have been thought with so many "No" -negative word in their childhood and taking advice from parents as totally must-do task without asking. In Malay culture, it is called rude when you interrupting old-groups discussion. In the schools, we are told which wrong and right, but not explaining why. As we grow up, there are many other must but unexplained matter we must do.Political is illegal for students and teachers, but, there is time when I am in Form Five, I has been send by school to political talk in U**M. I never thought why on that time. Maybe I should start to think why now.

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